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If you are interested in any of our sevices or have any questions, please fill out our contact Form

Below you will find information on the packages we provide. If you´re looking for a service not listed below then fill out the contact form with specifics on the assistance you want and we will help you. 

PA-package: Contact us for more information.

Newsletter Swaps: Do you need help arranging newsletter swaps? Look no further, we can help you! Contact us for more information and pricing.

Event-package, from $60: we will help you organize and hold a party on Facebook, ex. a release party, with takeovers from other authors and games etc.

Review-package, $40: we will send out 20 review requests to reviewers.

Street Team Management: Contact us for more information and pricing.

Giveaway-package, from $30 and up: Do you want to hold a giveaway (big or small), with donations from other authors, but don´t know how to or don´t have time? Then we can fix that for you. Depending on the kind of giveaway you want the price may vary.

Posting in groups-package, $20: we will post a text of your choosing in 40 book groups.

Takeover-package, $20: we will help you book takeover slots at other authors and blogs Facebook events. 

Newsletter-package, $20: we will set up a newsletter and sign up forms for you.

Custom-made packages can also be made to suit what you need.

Newsletter Builder

Here you can find info on our current Mulit-Author Newsletter Builder

More info here

Bookbub Followers Builder

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